Kkoolo Arts Projects Our work explores narratives around Identity, Belonging, Social Injustices, and Gender-Sexuality with the intent to not sexualize, fetishize or stigmatize; inspired by their experience and those of others. join us

Our Mission

Advocating and creating a safe space for the unrepresented marginalized individuals/ communities including Lgbtq+ youth in rural areas of Uganda, healthier and self-empowered. We work to create a visible presence.

Helping the Youth attain success through arts

Kkoolo Arts Projects (KAP) promotes youth empowerment through Art forms to acquire technical skills through vocational training in art and farming. such as visual art, textile design, fashion and design, and the growing of agricultural foods and plant-based foods products in non-traditional and innovative ways.

Our On going Activities

  • Visual art design
  • vocational workshops
  • Textile design workshops
  • Fashion and design workshops
  • Dance and film workshops
  • Self-care one-on-one counselling
  • Trauma victims
  • Sex education
  • Work employment opportunities.

Works in progress and development

  • Permaculture farming.
  • Safe space center (land space)

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