Love and Connect

Core Values

We create work that explores narratives around Identity, Belonging, Social Injustices, and Gender-Sexuality with the intent to not sexualize, fetishize or stigmatize; inspired by their experience and those of others.

Why us.

About US

This community-based organization was founded in 2014.  The organization welcomes and engages with innovative and vibrant young beings (people)who are dedicated to creating and cherishing a blissful livable environment with equality and diversity as a priority, using skillful art elements such as visual art, textile design and fashion design, filmmaking. Ever since the hardship of the Pandemic, the organization also strives to use permaculture practices in farming as a way to sustain the organization’s programs and its well-being.   

Kkoolo Arts Projects (KAP) promotes youth empowerment through Art forms to acquire technical skills through vocational training in art and farming. such as visual art, textile design, fashion and design, and the growing of agricultural foods and plant-based foods products in non-traditional and innovative ways. For the past 8 years, KAP has not only taught the innovative but has also given the community an opportunity and a platform to express themselves. The groups that have been offered the greatest freedom and protection to express themselves and been given representation are the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, intersex or questioning (LGBTIQ).

Empowering the Youth through Arts

Our Mission

Advocating and creating a safe space for the unrepresented marginalized individuals/ communities including Lgbtq+ youth in rural areas of Uganda, healthier and self-empowered. We work to create a visible presence.

Our Vision

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Our Aim

Kkoolo Projects envisions a vocational resource center as a source of educational opportunity and a hub for the LGBTIQ intellectual life with the practice of Art and Farming/ Agriculture. This will be a Center to gain a pardon from attacks on self-esteem, build social and intellectual connections and gain and maintain a healthy sense of self-identity

To create a safe space (platform) and community network where marginalized youth can express and explore their gender without criticism and discrimination. Drawing careful attention to the fact that is also possible to live and be accepted as LGBTQ in rural areas not only in the relatively anonymous big cities.

Build capacity for this particular group to promote financial self-empowerment.

Bridging gaps between rural and urban, local and international communities and the stages of a growing culture, setting up new ways and approaches of how to view, present and engage one’s self in this reality of the world we live in today, in into an open and mindful multi-dimensional face of reality & life. in this way, we connect and link up in stages of health awareness, and performances not only in art but The aim is to link and bridges together between the awakened and the unawakened ones.    

Why us.

Our Ongoing Activities/ Projects

Visual art design vocational workshops

Textile design workshops

Fashion and design workshop

Dance and film workshops

Self-care one-on-one counselling, trauma victims, sex education

Work employment opportunities

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